Teaching at NuVu Studio


NuVu is an educational organization based in Cambridge MA. Students at NuVu typically study one topic at a time and over a couple week period. I’ve had the opportunity to work with NuVu on several occasions, teaching mainly at the High School level.

I have helped teach several classes including a two week program where we made a giant RC car out of parts found at Walmart and Home Depot. Students learned the basics of programming, as well as rapid prototyping and design.

Other classes have revolved around fashion and resulted in a fashion line made with laser cutters and 3d printers. This class started with some pattern design basics and quickly grew into a project based design class that introduced students to the many aspects of fashion design.

These types of classes are interesting, and seem to unlock something in students when they can see how complex projects come together. My suggestion for educators is to start with a good understanding of what the students can absorb and plan a project around what they are passionate about.