Robots at Intel Research


Robotics at Intel Research

Following my undergraduate education I worked for a division of Intel Research in Seattle Washington. During this time I worked with experts in robotics, machine learning, and many other disciplines. My undergraduate education was about the “ingredients” of engineering, but working for Intel Research taught me how to “cook.”

During this time I worked on a number of projects which include programming a robotic arm named the “WAM Arm”. Above is a picture of the arm with the Governator himself as some technology show. The “WAM Arm” is sort of like the Ferrari of Robot arms, and like a Ferrari,  it is temperamental.

I also worked on developing 3d printed robot grasper technology that utilizes something called “remote actuation.” The control system for the hand is fairly advanced and uses a nested control loop to achieve both position and torque control. This enables the hand to grasp to a target position trajectory, but also limit torque when grabbing an egg or some other sensitive item.

After parting ways from Intel Research I headed to MIT to work on a different type of robotics technology. For those interested in developing experimental prosthetics devices, I encourage taking a look at remote actuation. There are some interesting advantages to this technology, including arbitrary grasper form factors.