EE at the University of Washington


I spent most of my childhood making circuits and robots, so studying electrical engineering was a natural next step for me. Starting with clubs like the Seattle Robotics Society and eventually as the University of Washington’s Electrical Engineering program. 

During my time as a student I also worked in the SEAL (Sensors Energy and Automation Laboratory) on a number of projects that included building an automated robotic power line inspection system. This lead to several awards and grants including one from the Bill and Malinda Gates foundation. 

I was also heavily involved in FIRST robotics, as both a student and later as a judge of regional events. My degree program included core curriculum topics such as signal processing, analog circuit design, and digital logic. My capstone work was in embedded systems architecture and FPGA programming. 

Since my undergraduate years I have kept up with a number of topics including CAD design using Allium, and the programming of various microprocessors. My specialty is motor control and real-time systems, but I would love to get more into power supply design, and communication technology, at some point.