Sensor Rack for


Sensor Rack for is a Silicon Valley startup founded by students from Stanford University’s Artificial Intelligence Lab. Their approach to autonomous driving is unique, and involves heavy use of deep learning technology. In June 2019, the company was acquired by Apple for its automotive project Titan.

While at, I worked on a number of projects and saw the company through a round of funding. Most of my time was spent designing and fabricating a modular roof rack capable of holding all the sensors used on the vehicle, not to mention the displays used to interact with pedestrians and other drivers.

The design for the roof rack was done in Solidworks and fabricated using rapid prototyping techniques. Unique contributions include the mechanical design of the rack, but also the industrial design. I also designed a set of precision Lidar mounts, and a set of custom camera cases capable of operating in the rain. 

I also worked on a number of the electrical systems at including custom electronics for camera triggering. A project that entailed designing and building a custom circuit board capable of synchronizing each camera used on the vehicle. My role at was very hands on and involved designing but also building many mechanical and electrical systems.