Cronologics ( Now a part of Google )

I started at Cronologics as the first employee and left the company to work for after over a year with the team. Cronologics developed operating systems for smartwatches, and was acquired by Google to be absorbed into Android Wear, (the watch division of Android).

My role at the company was split between design and engineering. Most of my time at Cronologics was spent on UI / UX. Developing a custom interface from scratch for a watch operating system. Some of the user flows for this are shown above.

Building a seamless interface on a watch is harder than it looks. Most smart watches only have  320 x 320 pixels on a round display, which is not much to work with. On top of this, the compute and battery needed is heavy and difficult to optimize. 

One of the perks of working for the company was traveling to Basel World, the biggest annual watch convention held in Switzerland. We learned many things about watches, mainly that they are more than just devices for telling time, especially in Switzerland.